I'll Make Fun of Anyone

Brendan Houle.

parec02 (4:14:51 PM): that get's premiered this week, no?
Skier Wysz (4:15:04 PM): nice apostrophe
Skier Wysz (4:15:06 PM): yes
parec02 (4:15:42 PM): i realized it as soon as i hit enter, but i figured you make fun of that other kid on your blog enough that i wasn't in danger of being called out
Skier Wysz (4:16:16 PM): well i actually thought you did it on purpose, as i had specifically mentioned in my blog that inappropriate apostrophes annoy me
Skier Wysz (4:18:08 PM): as one comment on slashdot read, "contrary to common belief, it does NOT signify that an "S" is coming!"

Posted: Sunday - December 05, 2004 at 01:19 PM