I hope she was kidding.

Skier Wysz (11:42:40 PM): did you seriously just call them tennis shoes
Skier Wysz (11:42:44 PM): they are sneakers
Skier Wysz (11:43:05 PM): unless they were specifically designed for tennis, they are sneakers.
Reneelet (11:43:14 PM): excuse me. i dont wear flat shoes
Skier Wysz (11:43:38 PM): you are from pennsylvania aren't you
Reneelet (11:43:46 PM): yes...
Skier Wysz (11:44:13 PM): you are the only person i know who is from pa, and has never been to a wawa, and calls sneakers "tennis shoes." do you know what a hoagie is?
Reneelet (11:44:28 PM): lol
Reneelet (11:44:31 PM): you said hoagie
Reneelet (11:44:38 PM): in Pennsylvania, where we're from
Skier Wysz (11:44:39 PM): i give up
Reneelet (11:44:40 PM): we call it a sub
Skier Wysz (11:44:47 PM): you disgust me
Skier Wysz (11:44:54 PM): this conversation is over
Skier Wysz (11:45:18 PM): besides you are monopolizing the blog as it is
Reneelet (11:45:29 PM): its not my fault ppl dont talk to you

Posted: Wednesday - November 10, 2004 at 08:46 PM