Desert Island

Seriously, I'm really good at building sand castles. I get compliments on them every time.

msuspecial k7 (12:16:32 AM): so if you were stranded on a desert island....what three things would you take with you?
Skier Wysz (12:16:44 AM): essay question?
msuspecial k7 (12:17:06 AM): if you would like to make it an essay, you can...
Skier Wysz (12:17:53 AM): ummm i dont know
Skier Wysz (12:18:13 AM): a satellite phone
Skier Wysz (12:18:22 AM): some food
Skier Wysz (12:18:34 AM): and extra sand
msuspecial k7 (12:19:01 AM): whats the extra sand for?
Skier Wysz (12:19:41 AM): in case i run out. i figure if i'm stranded on an island i'll probably want to build a sand castle at some point
msuspecial k7 (12:20:10 AM): well obviously...why didn't I think of that...
Skier Wysz (12:20:27 AM): because you haven't thought about this question as long as i have

Posted: Thursday - November 18, 2004 at 09:23 PM