After reprimanding Brendan for using paragraphs of centered text on the Vocal Chords page

"Don't know if they know what it means to peak."
Please feel free to make your own jokes, kids.

parec02 (2:02:17 AM): good call on the history page. the old page was devoid of content and was comprised of that graphic and one line of text. i forgot to revise the layout once text actually went up
Skier Wysz (2:02:17 AM): reading or something
Skier Wysz (2:02:45 AM): yeah excuses excuses, i'm awesome
parec02 (2:03:03 AM): like you've never centered your text
Skier Wysz (2:03:11 AM): show me
Skier Wysz (2:03:23 AM): show me inappropriately centered text on HOTW
Skier Wysz (2:04:14 AM): did you hear your WJHU thing
parec02 (2:04:24 AM): no, mo said you recorded it?
Skier Wysz (2:04:42 AM): yeah, i recorded the stream but you guys were really distorted
Skier Wysz (2:04:55 AM): not my fault though, it was coming in like that
Skier Wysz (2:05:26 AM): someone wasn't watching the meters in the studio
Skier Wysz (2:05:33 AM): you peaked out like crazy
parec02 (2:05:54 AM): it was just the two djs in the room. don't know if they know what it means to peak
Skier Wysz (2:06:07 AM): well they ought to be slapped
parec02 (2:06:08 AM): crap, even your cake page doesn't have paragraphs of centered text

Cake page

Posted: Monday - February 28, 2005 at 11:10 PM