The Way Things Work Around Here

This didn't surprise me at all.

Stowington (10:28:59 AM): my department is getting reaccredited, which includes a big departmental review where they talk with all the faculty and students about something or other
Stowington (10:29:46 AM): they made a big deal about getting me to say I'd go, and even tell them when I'd be there, even after I ignored the first email
Stowington (10:29:59 AM): so I went today at 10 (when I said I could go)
Stowington (10:30:02 AM): and there was nobody there
Stowington (10:30:18 AM): I went to the office and asked and she said "oh, they probably just ended early"

Posted: Monday - November 22, 2004 at 09:09 AM