I win.

ShkenBlke2 (5:08:02 PM): u better blog this then
ShkenBlke2 (5:08:10 PM): im guessing its Ted thats havin issues
Skier Wysz (5:08:31 PM): actually someone, and i'm not making this up, named "mohak"

Skier Wysz (5:06:23 PM): duder
ShkenBlke2 (5:06:31 PM): wysz
Skier Wysz (5:06:44 PM): you know how i linked to the facebook groups on my blog
ShkenBlke2 (5:06:49 PM): yes?
Skier Wysz (5:06:57 PM): did the links work for you
ShkenBlke2 (5:07:01 PM): yes
Skier Wysz (5:07:05 PM): thank you.
ShkenBlke2 (5:07:12 PM): as long as im signed in
Skier Wysz (5:07:19 PM): exactly.
Skier Wysz (5:07:46 PM): you're usually an idiot, but thanks for coming through when it matters the most

Posted: Tuesday - February 15, 2005 at 02:08 PM