Narcissism and Vocal Chords

An interesting combination, found only on HOTW.

Skier Wysz (5:30:20 AM): you are a bit narcissistic dont you think
BuffyPrep5 (5:30:53 AM): thats rich coming from you
Skier Wysz (5:31:39 AM): i dont know if i meet the definition
BuffyPrep5 (5:32:29 AM): what are these bows the vc girls are now sporting?
BuffyPrep5 (5:32:33 AM): its like a bad eighties movie
Skier Wysz (5:32:43 AM): one who is narcissistic has feelings of grandiosity and superiority without sufficient accomplishments to back it up. i believe my awesomness takes care of this
Skier Wysz (5:35:21 AM): who is responsible for posting pictures on the vocal chords website
BuffyPrep5 (5:35:33 AM): i dont know
Skier Wysz (5:36:07 AM): well whoever it is doesn't understand that resizing the pictures via HTML coding doesn't actually make them load faster
BuffyPrep5 (5:36:27 AM): umm right
Skier Wysz (5:36:40 AM): oh and those bows? i see them now
BuffyPrep5 (5:36:47 AM): yes
Skier Wysz (5:36:51 AM): they wore them at the last concert i went to
Skier Wysz (5:36:54 AM): that is nothing new

Posted: Wednesday - November 17, 2004 at 02:38 AM