Better get to bed now. Or should I just stay up at this point?

My sister has "complete confidence" that I can be awake and on the road at 11:30 AM.

Sara (1:55:13 PM): hiii michael...better go to bed early tonight because my 5:00 class was cancelled so now i will be done at 1:45 instead of 6:15!! wooo woooo...exciting stuff- i know you are thrilled because that means you get to come get me earlier! its reaaaally not that bad and i have complete confidence that you can do it- this way we can be home in time for dinner...yummm
Sara (1:56:19 PM): haha goodbye...i will be sure to tell mom about the earlier departure time so she can remind you because this might be too early for you to process what i have just said

Posted: Tuesday - March 15, 2005 at 03:18 PM