Add Flash to your website, and people will take you seriously

For an extra special touch, require that users view the site with IE for Windows, or at least change their user agent settings to make you think they are.

Stowington (5:50:11 PM): I was impressed by this flash presentation and I now think of this company as being much more professional
Stowington (5:50:13 PM):
Stowington (5:50:19 PM): artistic skills.... astounding
Stowington (5:52:20 PM): in fact, they are far beyond mere "skills"
Stowington (5:52:38 PM): they are more properly referred to as "skillz"
Skier Wysz (5:52:46 PM): why do the phones in this animation look like wads of money
Stowington (5:53:39 PM): obviously we're not smart enough to understand the artistic significance of the money-wad phones
Skier Wysz (5:53:51 PM): ah

Posted: Thursday - February 03, 2005 at 02:58 PM