Glad I'm home.

John Stowe: drunk people sure are loud when they're in the hallway
Michael Wyszomierski: yeah they are annoying
John Stowe: and they're still audible when they're in the apartment next door
John Stowe: she couldn't have seen him at graduation because he was sick that day
John Stowe: but she may not remember correctly because she was still hung over when she went
Michael Wyszomierski: haha
Michael Wyszomierski: well you should transcribe everything, so when they say "i can't remember anything from last night" you can refresh their memories
11:55 PM
John Stowe: I can't hear them anymore
John Stowe: they must have moved farther into the apartment
John Stowe: and/or moved on to other activities

Posted: Sunday - May 29, 2005 at 09:00 PM