Phone call to a spammer

I did it for the blog entry, of course.

I have received several unsolicited emails from at one of my addresses. There's no unsubscribe link in the email, but a phone number is listed on all of the emails, along with text in big red letters that reads: "Call Us Today!"

Tonight I called, and to my surprise, someone answered.

APW: Hello?
WYSZ: Is this Ace Printwear?
APW: Yes, it is.
WYSZ: I've been receiving unsolicited emails from you, and I'd like to be removed from the list. Could I give you my email address?
APW: Sure, hold on a sec, let me write it down. Okay.
WYSZ: [I spell out the address]
APW: [asks for clarification of a letter]
WYSZ: [clarifies]
APW: Wow, that's a long email address.
WYSZ: Yeah, I don't know where you guys got it.
APW: Well, I'll get you off of the list. You may get the next one, but that should be it. It might take us a while to look this up.
WYSZ: Thank you.
APW: You have a good weekend.
WYSZ: You too.

Posted: Friday - May 06, 2005 at 06:48 PM