WUSA 9 leaks iPod shuffle name...? Nah.

What are they talking about?

csvroomfondel (1:50:51 PM): ha, one of the news guys said "that shuffle thing is cool" and the other guy goes "oh yea, was it fun? That's a great thing."
csvroomfondel (1:51:05 PM): he quite clearly has no idea what the first guy was talking about
csvroomfondel (1:51:13 PM): probably thinks its some dance or something
Skier Wysz (1:53:43 PM): but
Skier Wysz (1:53:49 PM): that was from december
csvroomfondel (1:54:19 PM): oh, i didnt see the date on the newscast
csvroomfondel (1:55:00 PM): maybe it is a dance
Skier Wysz (1:56:03 PM): maybe he means the "shuffle" function?
Skier Wysz (1:56:23 PM): or was it a reference to something earlier in the newscast, that's not included in the clip?
csvroomfondel (1:56:28 PM): that's been around since the days of the CD, nothing to get excited over

Posted: Thursday - February 24, 2005 at 10:58 AM