Animal Behavior

I'm thinking about slacking off on my abstracts from now on.

Reneelet (10:48:49 AM): i hope you arent really taking animal behavior
Reneelet (10:49:12 AM): its boring
Skier Wysz (10:49:27 AM): i would make it exciting
Reneelet (10:49:32 AM): i doubt that
Reneelet (10:49:44 AM): i was hoping it would be about dogs doing tricks and stuff
Skier Wysz (10:49:53 AM): haha
Reneelet (10:49:55 AM): but intead, its a lot about bird migration
Reneelet (10:50:05 AM): and why animals kill each other
Reneelet (10:50:24 AM): and throw in a little bit of bee dancing
Reneelet (10:51:49 AM): last year when i took the class, i could have watched a bee dance, and then gone and eaten all the food it was talking about
Skier Wysz (10:52:42 AM): haha
Skier Wysz (10:52:48 AM): did you
Reneelet (10:54:45 AM): no, bcause i also learned that bees and people dont eat the same things

Posted: Monday - January 31, 2005 at 07:59 AM