What I Have To Look Forward To

John meets a future version of me.

eightman1984 (4:19:38 PM): so I just went to this apple authorized dealer here... I'm like "yeah my computer is an ibook, with the serial number which has logic board problems...it has all the typical symptoms...etc." and the guy is like "Well, its probably not the logic board, you probably just dropped it, and messed it up..."
eightman1984 (4:20:45 PM): then I said "Can you just take a look at it, maybe hook it up to an external monitor to see if anything is wrong..." he goes "Nope, I'm too busy, I have 5 invoices before you..." the guy wouldn't even turn my laptop on...basically he was a version of you when you are 35

Posted: Monday - September 20, 2004 at 01:26 PM