I'm not the only one invading people's dreams

So chill out, Tony.

Reneelet (3:05:33 PM): but then you took a small human heart out of your pocket
Reneelet (3:05:37 PM): and a knife
Reneelet (3:05:39 PM): and then you killed me
Skier Wysz (3:05:46 PM): oh
Reneelet (3:05:47 PM): and that was the end. you were the bad guy
Skier Wysz (3:05:52 PM): umm
Skier Wysz (3:05:54 PM): sorry?
Reneelet (3:06:30 PM): its ok
Reneelet (3:06:54 PM): i was pretty surprised that it was you though

Posted: Wednesday - April 13, 2005 at 12:09 PM