Girl Time

Oh, don't get so excited. I'm not dating anyone.

Skier Wysz (2:40:03 AM): and you and stacy are good friends huh
ShkenBlke2 (2:40:16 AM): umm, we're kinda dating
Skier Wysz (2:40:31 AM): and why wasn't i told about this
Skier Wysz (2:40:38 AM): why did i have to figure it out from the blog
Skier Wysz (2:40:51 AM): i would tell you if i was dating stacy
Skier Wysz (2:42:57 AM): so tell me about stacy. pretend we're women sitting around eating ice cream having "girl time"

Posted: Wednesday - November 17, 2004 at 11:55 PM