This one isn't either, but it is a good introduction to the next one, which IS one of the ones.

My head is starting to hurt.

Skier Wysz (4:27:17 PM): mr. stowingtons
Stowington (4:27:26 PM): yes
Skier Wysz (4:27:28 PM): when you sent me messages from the towson apple store
Stowington (4:27:33 PM): yes?
Skier Wysz (4:27:52 PM): did you forget to remove me from the buddy list?
Skier Wysz (4:28:08 PM): because i've received 2 IMs from that store in the past 2 days
Stowington (4:28:13 PM): wow
Stowington (4:28:22 PM): I'm pretty sure I did
Stowington (4:28:25 PM): but it was a long time ago
Skier Wysz (4:28:58 PM): yeah probably wasn't your fault, cause this getting IMs from towson thing is new
Stowington (4:29:09 PM): I'm telling you
Stowington (4:29:14 PM): you have fans out there

Posted: Friday - January 28, 2005 at 01:30 PM