Doughnuts, used cars, and iTunes

It's totally unnecessary for me to be reporting any of this, but hey, hot keyword = lots of hits. And it's all about the hits.

Michael Wyszomierski: oooh look at me! i'm the itunes music store! i have videos for sale! tomorrow i will sell donuts and used cars!
csvroomfondel: what?
Michael Wyszomierski: umm, it is including videos with some albums, doesn't seem to be fully operational yet (no previews) but you can download them with purchase
csvroomfondel: only with the purchase?
Michael Wyszomierski: yes
Michael Wyszomierski: like those PDF extras that started with the U2 mega album thing
csvroomfondel: i'm still waiting to be able to download snacks
csvroomfondel: heck, you asked for downloadable pepsi 2 years ago, and they haven't done anything with that

I really did ask. (from WOC)

Posted: Monday - May 09, 2005 at 08:50 PM