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Note: SN of "whiny" has been changed as per whiny's request. Thank you find & replace.

8:11:50 PM whiny: my building's water is out!
8:12:02 PM skierwysz: they ran out of water?
8:12:13 PM whiny: they broke the water mane
8:12:55 PM skierwysz: mane?
8:13:12 PM whiny: the water mane
8:13:21 PM skierwysz: you are illiterate
8:13:24 PM whiny: like, a big pipe undergound
8:13:28 PM whiny: undergroud
8:13:31 PM skierwysz: like, a water main?
8:13:46 PM whiny: i honestly don't know how it's spelled, as it's never happened to me before
8:13:59 PM whiny: i've never had to spell it out
8:14:10 PM skierwysz: i'm awesome
8:14:16 PM skierwysz: i've had to spell that out a lot
8:14:31 PM whiny: i figured i had a 50/50 chance of getting the right m-aine/ane
8:14:32 PM whiny: word
8:15:21 PM skierwysz: well you shouldn't take such risks when talking to the wysz, who is notorious for blogging just about everything
8:15:43 PM whiny: i would rather you not blog it
8:15:45 PM whiny: in fact

Posted: Thursday - September 22, 2005 at 05:17 PM