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Quality control. It's what HoTW is all about. Sorta.

10:04:48 PM skierwysz: hey hey hey you are an english major, right?
10:04:54 PM mohak: yup
10:04:58 PM skierwysz: YAHOO
10:05:14 PM skierwysz: i have a very very important question for you
10:05:16 PM skierwysz: how do you spell the sound that you make when you sneeze?
10:05:54 PM mohak: hmm
10:05:59 PM skierwysz: oh come on
10:06:02 PM skierwysz: don't disappoint me
10:06:14 PM skierwysz: look it up in a book or something
10:06:15 PM mohak: well i'm trying to figure if there's a hyphen
10:06:20 PM skierwysz: ah
10:06:25 PM mohak: why are you asking
10:06:33 PM mohak: and why aren't you looking it up in a book
10:06:39 PM skierwysz: i don't do books
10:06:43 PM skierwysz: it's for a blog entry
10:08:33 PM mohak: since when were you worried about typos
10:09:00 PM skierwysz: it would be a misspelling, not a typo
10:09:20 PM mohak: i believe it's achoo
10:09:46 PM skierwysz: then why can't i find it in the dictionary
10:10:08 PM mohak: well people sneeze in different ways
10:10:14 PM mohak: but if you google it it comes up
10:10:31 PM skierwysz: yeah but if you google lots of things they come up
10:10:35 PM skierwysz: like mispelling
10:10:52 PM mohak: you asked me for achoo
10:11:04 PM skierwysz: i didn't ask you to google it
10:11:24 PM mohak: it backed up my hypothesis
10:11:55 PM mohak: it was either a-choo or achoo
10:12:00 PM skierwysz: so if i had the hypothesis that "mispelling" is a correct spelling, then it would be proven correct by google?
10:12:11 PM mohak: ugh
10:12:41 PM skierwysz: i'm sorry to have bothered you, ma'am.
10:12:45 PM mohak: haahaha
10:13:16 PM mohak: i hope you figured out what the right spelling of achoo is
10:14:57 PM skierwysz: i haven't, i'm trying to see if it's been in any reputable books
10:15:05 PM mohak: are you going around and asking lit majors how to spell achoo?
10:15:30 PM skierwysz: well i'm certainly not going to ask leah
10:15:46 PM mohak: why
10:15:54 PM skierwysz: she cannot spell
10:16:10 PM mohak: is she "whiny"
10:16:34 PM mohak: or "frenchperson"
10:17:22 PM skierwysz: both
10:17:49 PM mohak: hahahhahhahaa
10:19:15 PM mohak: did she request being changed to "whiny" and 'frenchperson" instead of her sn
10:19:41 PM skierwysz: well she wanted the whole entry deleted
10:19:49 PM skierwysz: but deleting a blog entry is very taboo
10:20:09 PM skierwysz: and i'm not into anything taboo
10:20:16 PM skierwysz: except for the game
10:21:45 PM mohak: you know, you can be clever sometimess
10:22:12 PM skierwysz: and look where that's got me
10:29:11 PM mohak: i don't know where that's got you
10:29:28 PM skierwysz: umm, right here?
10:29:32 PM skierwysz: sitting at a computer
10:29:36 PM skierwysz: in a spinny chair
10:29:40 PM mohak: that was not clever
10:29:54 PM skierwysz: i know
10:29:57 PM skierwysz: i was on a roll
10:30:04 PM skierwysz: but i totally lost my momentum
10:31:38 PM mohak: too bad
10:31:43 PM mohak: better luck next time
10:31:46 PM mohak: ok i'm off to work
10:32:38 PM skierwysz: bye, i'm not off, because tomorrow is friday, and i have no classes, and i'm awesome.

Posted: Thursday - September 22, 2005 at 07:43 PM