New Business Opportunity

4:34:35 PM eightman1984: the other day some dumb girl was like, "How many sources do we need for our paper?"
4:35:04 PM eightman1984: and our prof walks up to the board and goes "Exactly 92 sources." and writes a huge 92 on the board

4:26:10 PM eightman1984: i have decided to start an oil company, would you like to be involved in some capacity?
4:27:52 PM skierwysz: sure, in the capacity that i get billions of dollars for doing nothing
4:27:58 PM eightman1984: yeah
4:28:19 PM eightman1984: exxonmobile made 21 billion dollars last year
4:28:36 PM skierwysz: wow, that's more than my website made
4:28:56 PM eightman1984: yeah, and their net worth is 320 billion dollars
4:29:06 PM skierwysz: i would like that
4:29:16 PM eightman1984: me too
4:29:25 PM eightman1984: now we just need to find oil
4:29:58 PM skierwysz: hmm
4:30:08 PM skierwysz: well if i see any, i'll let you know
4:30:14 PM eightman1984: ok
4:30:16 PM eightman1984: i will do the same
4:30:21 PM skierwysz: awesome
4:30:24 PM skierwysz: this is going to be great
4:30:30 PM eightman1984: what should we call this company
4:30:37 PM skierwysz: oilco?
4:30:44 PM eightman1984: oh thats good
4:30:57 PM eightman1984: i'm actually really suprised it hasn't been taking yet
4:30:58 PM skierwysz: or maybe something environmentally friendly
4:31:07 PM skierwysz: eco-oil
4:31:18 PM skierwysz: ecoil
4:31:29 PM eightman1984: to search for oil, i'm going to fire a pistol into the ground, i figure i will hit something eventually
4:32:10 PM skierwysz: in my marketing class we watched this video about a company that wants to solve the pollution problem caused by coal-driven power plants by burning trees
4:32:22 PM eightman1984: haha i like that logic
4:32:40 PM eightman1984: too many trees around here, we should burn them
4:32:48 PM skierwysz: yeah, the guy was like "most people believe me if i spend enough time with them"

Posted: Saturday - September 24, 2005 at 02:09 PM