The Beginning of the End

Buy stuff! (Actually he refers to this one.)

10:07:21 PM eightman1984: i'm really shocked that i solved a technological problem without your direct assistance
10:07:31 PM skierwysz: haha yeah that is unusual
10:07:43 PM eightman1984: unusual, i'd say its a first
10:07:57 PM skierwysz: true

10:01:06 PM eightman1984: i think my ipod might be self aware
10:01:19 PM skierwysz: destroy it immediately
10:01:41 PM eightman1984: haha ok before it takes over our governments defense computers?
10:01:49 PM skierwysz: no, you do not know how to properly dispose of it, give it to me
10:01:55 PM skierwysz: yes

Posted: Saturday - September 24, 2005 at 07:08 PM