I miss you. (Wawa, not John.)

11:48:37 PM skierwysz: i refuse to go to places i don't recognize
11:49:15 PM eightman1984: its delicious
11:50:18 PM skierwysz: oh today i went where there was supposed to be a wawa, but it turned out to be some "quickie" thing. it was definitely a wawa though, cause of the building style. it even had the telltale wawa stonework on the front walls
11:50:27 PM skierwysz: i was infuriated, and refused to go in, even though i was hungry
11:50:36 PM eightman1984: good
11:50:44 PM eightman1984: i'm a disciple of wawa
11:51:01 PM skierwysz: me too
11:52:42 PM eightman1984: i love their soft pretzles
11:52:50 PM eightman1984: i walked like 2 miles to get some this weekend
11:53:00 PM skierwysz: yeah, i'm all about the hoagies
11:53:02 PM skierwysz: and donuts
11:53:05 PM skierwysz: and coffee
11:53:10 PM skierwysz: oh that place is delicious
11:53:13 PM eightman1984: yeah it is
11:53:14 PM skierwysz: and the gas
11:53:19 PM eightman1984: their hoagies are great

Posted: Monday - September 26, 2005 at 08:55 PM