That's it, I'm going to Wawa.

I deserve it.

I've moved the exploding bottles into boxes that are taped up and ready for the dumpster. I have a 10 AM class, but I need something good to happen tonight, so I'll catch you kids later.

11:57:08 PM skierwysz: i like that you can walk to one
11:57:18 PM eightman1984: i really can't right now, i'd be mugged
11:57:27 PM skierwysz: my trips to wawa involve registering a flightplan
11:58:08 PM skierwysz: and mugging is a very good possibility for me as well, as i walk to my car in baltimore
11:59:53 PM eightman1984: yeah

Posted: Monday - September 26, 2005 at 09:07 PM