An experiment

Finally, someone notices!

10:27:40 PM skierwysz: you know you are the first person to comment on my halloween shirt. nobody notices anything on this campus. i have a potentially revealing but dangerous experiment i want to try. i hypothesize that i could walk from one of of campus to the other on fire, and nobody would look at me.
10:28:07 PM eh, steve!: that would be an interesting experiment
10:28:20 PM eh, steve!: though you might want to consult with a professional stunt man before attempting it
10:28:25 PM skierwysz: but anyway, regarding the shirt, i could either look ridiculous for wearing a halloween shirt on a day other than halloween, or feel ridiculous for having a shirt that i can only wear one day per year
10:28:33 PM eh, steve!: yes.
10:28:38 PM skierwysz: yeah i suppose that would be wise

Posted: Thursday - September 29, 2005 at 07:31 PM