Complaining on behalf of John, even though he didn't ask me to

And pimping Amazon on behalf of me. And iTunes too, for good measure. Whatever that means.

4:08:30 PM stowington: the music loop that you hear when IKEA puts you on hold is 4:44 in length
4:08:53 PM stowington: I have been on hold for 25 minutes
4:09:08 PM skierwysz: wow, why are you calling ikea?
4:12:15 PM stowington: because I ordered chairs off their website on the 14th
4:13:29 PM skierwysz: well i ordered a griffin smartdeck on april 13th, and i can assure you that when i post this quote i will include an link
4:13:52 PM stowington: awesome
4:14:08 PM stowington: glad I could help
4:14:13 PM skierwysz: i'm assuming that your chairs have not been delivered
4:14:36 PM skierwysz: am i correct?
4:15:44 PM stowington: the confirmation email said "we will contact you to confirm your order with the details
about your delivery and total cost within 5 - 7 business days."
4:16:20 PM skierwysz: do you know how many days a week they do business?
4:16:22 PM stowington: I emailed them at the end of business hours on friday, the 7th business day, and said it's been 7 business days, what's up?
4:16:37 PM stowington: I got an email back from them TODAY
4:16:45 PM stowington: 5 more business days later
4:16:54 PM skierwysz: and what did the email say
4:17:27 PM stowington: they're experiencing "technical difficulties" and I should call them
4:17:45 PM skierwysz: ah
4:18:07 PM stowington: oh and they apologize for any inconvenience
4:18:10 PM stowington: twice
4:18:23 PM stowington: maybe once was for putting me on hold
4:18:34 PM skierwysz: haha
4:19:07 PM stowington: the timer on my phone said the call had gone for just over 26 minutes when they finally picked up
4:19:43 PM stowington: and then I was done with them in 5
4:20:07 PM skierwysz: did they help you?
4:20:53 PM stowington: well the guy said he was terribly sorry but the order hadn't gone through but that I shouldn't have to wait any longer so he transferred me to their sales dept.
4:21:45 PM stowington: and the sales lady said the shipping was going to be really high but they have my things in stock at the store in white marsh so I said forget it I won't order them
4:22:02 PM skierwysz: ah
4:22:31 PM skierwysz: ok well im'a get going now cause i want to go home and i'm afraid you might ask someone to drive you to ikea
4:24:00 PM stowington: I was just noticing it was a nice segue into that
4:24:35 PM stowington: but I decided not to ask because then it would seem like the whole thing was a setup for it
4:24:55 PM stowington: when really I just wanted to complain about being on hold for so long
4:25:31 PM skierwysz: good, well i'm really going now so i can't drive you anyway. the best i could do is drop you off at the store and pick you up on sunday
4:25:39 PM stowington: sweet
4:26:05 PM stowington: I can make a tent out of a swedish bedspread
4:26:26 PM stowington: or better yet
4:26:44 PM stowington: buy a bed, assemble it in the parking lot, sleep in it over the weekend, and then return it on sunday
4:27:03 PM skierwysz: sounds like a plan

Posted: Friday - September 30, 2005 at 01:27 PM