Classic Mac Geekery

Yes, the podcast really is going to happen. Sometime.

11:10:25 PM skierwysz: mr. john stowington
11:10:53 PM mrjohnstowington: mr. mike wyszington
11:11:00 PM skierwysz: do you have IE on your computer
11:11:11 PM mrjohnstowington: unfortunately yes
11:11:27 PM skierwysz: could you tell me if this displays properly
11:13:18 PM mrjohnstowington: looks the same as firefox
11:13:58 PM skierwysz: ok
11:14:01 PM skierwysz: thanks
11:14:27 PM mrjohnstowington: but with a funny aftertaste
11:14:33 PM mrjohnstowington: it's sort of....
11:14:36 PM mrjohnstowington: redmondy
11:15:13 PM skierwysz: haha you are such a nerd
11:15:28 PM skierwysz: i am going to start a podcast for the sole purpose of using the sosumi joke
11:15:41 PM mrjohnstowington: ok well you win the nerd award then
11:17:02 PM skierwysz: wow i didn't know sosumi was still installed
11:17:09 PM skierwysz: i thought i was going to have to download it
11:18:21 PM skierwysz: i think they stole the "morse" sound from an old game called "spin doctor"
11:18:58 PM mrjohnstowington: I think it's sad that you can make that connection
11:19:54 PM skierwysz: i think "pop" was on that game as well
11:26:34 PM skierwysz: i think i found it... downloading
11:27:10 PM skierwysz: launching classic for the first time in months...
11:27:37 PM skierwysz: setting display to 256 colors or grays...
11:28:33 PM skierwysz: well at the registration screen i can confirm the existence of "pop"
11:28:49 PM skierwysz: wait no, that was just the alert sound
11:29:39 PM mrjohnstowington: aw after all that buildup
11:30:14 PM skierwysz: i'm still googling
11:30:38 PM skierwysz: i still have it at home on my performa
11:32:15 PM skierwysz: well we know what i'll be doing when i go home this weekend

Posted: Monday - October 03, 2005 at 08:39 PM