No, I don't know if it's a typo. You ask her.

Sub-polar abomination.

6:35:51 PM skierwysz: GRE? that's some sort of education test right
6:36:00 PM televisionarie: yes
6:36:19 PM televisionarie: it's for smart people who use words like "dichotomy" and "exegesis"
6:36:44 PM skierwysz: and "sub-polar abomination"
6:36:57 PM televisionarie: i think you made that up
6:37:08 PM skierwysz: i think so too
6:37:15 PM televisionarie: you tried to trap me didn't you
6:37:23 PM skierwysz: you know what else i made up, that doesn't make any sense?
6:37:28 PM skierwysz: "tasteful racism"
6:37:29 PM televisionarie: tha tyou're awesome?
6:37:35 PM televisionarie: hahahahaha
6:38:17 PM skierwysz: so when i blog this, am i to use "televisionarie" or your real name, or a fake name, or what?
6:38:35 PM televisionarie: either televisionarie or my name
6:38:51 PM televisionarie: no "french person" or "whiney"
6:38:56 PM skierwysz: ugh fine
6:39:12 PM televisionarie: it could be the artist formerly known as buffyprep5

Posted: Wednesday - October 05, 2005 at 03:41 PM