I figured that's what happened.

Wysz is super cool and super great and awesome, all at the same time. He totally rules. He keeps listening to this song over and over and over.

6:42:35 PM televisionarie: you were supposed to leave off the part where you ask me how i want to be blogged
6:42:44 PM televisionarie: and what's a typo
6:42:47 PM skierwysz: whoops
6:42:58 PM skierwysz: how is that part offensive to you?
6:43:02 PM televisionarie: i don' tknow
6:43:04 PM skierwysz: it is a legitimate conversation
6:43:10 PM televisionarie: i just felt like i should take offense
6:43:20 PM skierwysz: hence your nickname whiney
6:43:30 PM televisionarie: what's the typo?
6:43:54 PM skierwysz: so i'm guessing it's not a typo
6:44:03 PM televisionarie: what is?
6:44:11 PM televisionarie: the "tha tyou're awesome thing?
6:44:16 PM skierwysz: no your name
6:44:33 PM televisionarie: you mean having ie at the end instead of y
6:44:35 PM televisionarie: ?
6:44:39 PM skierwysz: yes
6:44:48 PM televisionarie: oh, well televisionary was taken
6:44:52 PM televisionarie: so i french-ified it
6:45:15 PM skierwysz: ugh i hate that you have a plausible explanation
6:45:29 PM televisionarie: i think you need to blog the explanation

Posted: Wednesday - October 05, 2005 at 03:48 PM