The 12 Hour Conversation

To the second!

12:52:50 AM skierwysz: JOHN STOWE
12:53:04 AM stowington: THÉ WYSZ
12:53:37 AM skierwysz: you never gave me my "college" t-shirt
12:53:51 AM skierwysz: brendan said i was supposed to get one cause i ordered the credit cards
12:54:28 AM stowington: I have lots
12:54:33 AM skierwysz: well i want one
12:54:38 AM stowington: ok
1:11:00 AM stowington: I'll leave it at our secret drop location
1:11:20 AM stowington: you know, that place where you left the thing that time
John Stowe went away (1:12:20 AM)
1:12:34 AM skierwysz: ?
1:12:34 AM stowington: Auto-reply: quick snack then sleep.
1:12:52 AM stowington: or I can just keep it in my bag
1:13:00 AM skierwysz: ok
12:48:09 PM stowington: I will be at the gym between 4 and, oh, 5:30ish
12:48:18 PM stowington: if you would like to stop by and get your shirt
12:48:41 PM skierwysz: i may try to catch you as you enter around 4
12:48:50 PM stowington: ok
12:49:07 PM skierwysz: i will probably be on my way out of the gym at that point
12:50:20 PM stowington: so you're leaving now to do your three-hour weight routine?
12:51:02 PM skierwysz: yeah, tuesdays are my light day, usually i do a six-hour session
12:52:36 PM stowington: yeah, it's good to build in a rest
12:52:50 PM skierwysz: yep

Posted: Tuesday - October 18, 2005 at 09:57 AM