"Robotic buddahs are awesome"

John Young tells it like it is.

Michael Wyszomierski: found this in the archives http://homepage.mac.com/wysz/iblog/C712427414/E1297536892/index.html
8:40 AM
John Young: haha
John Young: robotic buddahs are awesome
Michael Wyszomierski: yeah, i have twelve in my basement
John Young: did you recieve the e-mail i forwarded you from the freemasons?
Michael Wyszomierski: yeah, it was just some weird spam
John Young: yeah, i found it funny that the freemasons were interested in me
John Young: my roomate is actually building a robot
John Young: it plays soccer or something silly like that
8:50 AM
Michael Wyszomierski: haha
8:55 AM
John Young: i'm training the robot to assassinate targets
Michael Wyszomierski: nice
John Young: possibly after being sent back in time
Michael Wyszomierski: yeah, nothing can go wrong with that plan
John Young: why didn't skynet send back like 50 terminators to kill john conner?
Michael Wyszomierski: it's be a short movie
9:00 AM
John Young: i'm just saying for a artifical intellegence capable of destroying mankind, its kinda dumb
Michael Wyszomierski: haha yeah most AI is
John Young: they should have just sent back an army of terminators
Michael Wyszomierski: you lose sleep over this don't you
John Young: yeah, i mean all i'm saying is, if i was in charge, john conner would be dead
Michael Wyszomierski: lol, ok you know what i was going to keep myself off the blog all morning, but i'll fire it up for that

Posted: Tuesday - November 22, 2005 at 06:08 AM