Remember those long Blake quotes? They're back.

I told him that I wouldn't say anything more about this battery issue, but he continued to talk about it, so I suppose it's perfectly alright to post on the blog.

Blake Mattern: but, where all those diff prices for batteries?
Michael Wyszomierski: it's not like they read your blog anyway
Blake Mattern: just outa curiousity?
Michael Wyszomierski: umm, i'm going to send you your question, and you tell me if you're sure that's what you meant: Blake Mattern: but, where all those diff prices for batteries?
Blake Mattern: i guess it is a lil ambiguous
Michael Wyszomierski: yes, asking me "where all those diff prices for batteries" is a bit odd
Michael Wyszomierski: i'm not sure if it even makes sense
Blake Mattern: Auto-reply: im addicted to freeze pops
Blake Mattern: you knew what i meant though
Michael Wyszomierski: no i don't, i'm still trying to figure out if you want to know where they are, or why there are different prices, or what they are
Blake Mattern: lets go with why and what 1st
Michael Wyszomierski: why probably depends on capacity, some will last longer. what is something i don't have to answer because i already told you on your own blog!
Michael Wyszomierski: i listed the prices right in my comment
Michael Wyszomierski: and gave you the link where i found all of them
Blake Mattern: yes yes yes
Blake Mattern: i saw
Blake Mattern: well im to busy for links
Michael Wyszomierski: or proper spelling apparently
Michael Wyszomierski: so fine, it ranges from 20 bucks to 65 bucks

Posted: Wednesday - February 08, 2006 at 03:21 PM