Note to potential employers: Hire Wysz.

Blake Mattern: i dont believe in risk management

Blake Mattern: but, if i had the new macbook pro (i shudder as i say that awful name though), it would open those links so fast that it wouldnt keep me from my important work
Blake Mattern: brb
6:20 PM
Blake Mattern: sorry
Michael Wyszomierski: no problem, i made a blog entry while you were gone
Blake Mattern: ooo
Blake Mattern: dude, you left out the best part
Blake Mattern: about the macbook pro (shudder)
Michael Wyszomierski: ughghhghghghghghh i'm opening iblog again
Michael Wyszomierski: but just think
Michael Wyszomierski: the more i blog you
Michael Wyszomierski: the more your stupid comments get entered into google
Michael Wyszomierski: and employers google people
Michael Wyszomierski: but whatever you say

Posted: Wednesday - February 08, 2006 at 03:26 PM