Wysz: Never Been Mugged

Yes, Blake, I'll try to keep it that way.

Blake Mattern: i heard an interesting fact about JHU the other day from on eof my prof's
Michael Wyszomierski: oh yeah?
Blake Mattern: yeah
Blake Mattern: he was saying that literally half of the faculty have been mugged
Blake Mattern: and the one lady was in her office when the building was locked and she still got mugged
Blake Mattern: oh, did you see the cars trailer during the super bowl?
Michael Wyszomierski: yeah
Michael Wyszomierski: the "half the faculty" thing sounds a bit exaggerated, but it's not far from the truth
Michael Wyszomierski: http://www.jhu.edu/%7Esecurity/weekly.htm [[archive]]
Michael Wyszomierski: click that link
Michael Wyszomierski: that is one week
6:40 PM
Michael Wyszomierski: 3 armed robberies
Blake Mattern: thats ridiculous
Blake Mattern: is armed considered a gun
Blake Mattern: or just a knife
Blake Mattern: or something similar
Michael Wyszomierski: well in these three cases it was a gun, but i don't think it has to be
Blake Mattern: gotya
Blake Mattern: dude
Blake Mattern: how do you live there?
Michael Wyszomierski: plus in addition to those three, there was an armed attempted, and an arrest of armed person
Blake Mattern: yeah
Michael Wyszomierski: so that's 5 gun-related incidents in 1 week
Blake Mattern: dude that 2nd one on the list, where the guy ran
Blake Mattern: that was really dumb
Blake Mattern: he coulda got shot
Michael Wyszomierski: yeah, they tell you not to run, but lots of people do
Blake Mattern: i wouldnt
Michael Wyszomierski: yeah me neither
Michael Wyszomierski: sometimes i think i would if i had a chance, but i know i'd be too scared too if it happened
Michael Wyszomierski: which it fortunately hasn't
Blake Mattern: good
Blake Mattern: keep it that wya
Blake Mattern: way

Posted: Wednesday - February 08, 2006 at 03:48 PM