Conan, Alf, and Hippies

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John Young: i haven't seen conan in so long, it was an old one last night too
Michael Wyszomierski: did they air the finland stuff yet?
John Young: oh i don't think they have, last night was the first night back from the olympics
Michael Wyszomierski: oh are the olympics finally over?
John Young: yeah
John Young: sunday
Michael Wyszomierski: good now i can watch tv again
7:15 PM
John Young: i love the olympics
Michael Wyszomierski: i would probably enjoy them too, but i got so angry the first thursday when i tried to watch the office and it wasn't on, so i stopped watching tv
John Young: ah
Michael Wyszomierski: and instead watched the entire first season of alf on dvd
John Young: lol
Michael Wyszomierski: alf is awesome, they are having this garage sale, and alf has changed all of the price tags to ridiculous amounts, and nobody is buying anything, except for this one guy dressed as a military officer, who comes up to them and asks if they "have any more of those $800 screwdrivers"
John Young: hahaha
John Young: i saw a hilarious commerical today where a guy improves his scarecrow by making into a robot with laser vision, and he uses it to keep hippies off his land

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Posted: Tuesday - February 28, 2006 at 04:29 PM