Some quotes

Plus this one from John Young:
John Young: my cd drive wont read blank disks

Reneelet: i tried to watch the ads
Reneelet: where the one guy is a mac and the other is a pc
Michael Wyszomierski: neat
Reneelet: but it crashed internet explorer every time

Reneelet: the other day i slept through a holiday
Reneelet: it was a holiday where the people dance flamenco and drink in the streets
Michael Wyszomierski: how many holidays do these spanish people have?
Reneelet: and i literally slept from dawn till dusk
Reneelet: so far this month we had two holidays
Michael Wyszomierski: they're always having siestas and parades
Michael Wyszomierski: it's only may 5th
Michael Wyszomierski: wait
Michael Wyszomierski: cinco de mayo!
12:20 AM
Michael Wyszomierski: is that a spain thing or a mexico thing
Reneelet: thats mexico

Posted: Thursday - May 04, 2006 at 11:11 PM