Explanation for "Something interesting"

Please don't make me explain all the other 1500 entries.

Michael Wyszomierski: you are being blogged btw
televisionarie: ....about the comcast thing?
Michael Wyszomierski: no
televisionarie: oh good
televisionarie: oh haha
televisionarie: i like it
Michael Wyszomierski: yeah it makes it look like you are actually funny
televisionarie: i have no comeback for that
televisionarie: people at work think i'm pretty funny
televisionarie: i don't understand the abstract
Michael Wyszomierski: oh, it is something that happened at work today
Michael Wyszomierski: i went to get something to drink
Michael Wyszomierski: and asked if anybody wanted something, because i am really really nice
Michael Wyszomierski: and one of my co-workers asked for a "half and half", and said that it was "near the nantucket nectar"
Michael Wyszomierski: so, i went to the refrigerator, and saw the nantucket nectar, but no half and half
Michael Wyszomierski: until i looked closely, and saw that one of the types of nantucket nectar was "half and half"
Michael Wyszomierski: so i brought it back to the cube and complained
Michael Wyszomierski: half and half btw is iced tea and lemonade, not the thing that you put in coffee
televisionarie: right
Michael Wyszomierski: the combination is also known as an arnold palmer
televisionarie: i see
televisionarie: i don't like iced tea
televisionarie: i think it's gross
televisionarie: i've only recently defrosted to hot tea
Michael Wyszomierski: is that a sentence?
televisionarie: well, i haven't warmed up
televisionarie: so i figured the next thing was defrosted

Posted: Wednesday - September 06, 2006 at 08:48 PM