Michael Wyszomierski: you need to buy a planet or something on amazon. you know you want to
John Stowe: I'm definitely a planet kinda guy
7:35 PM
Michael Wyszomierski: are you a 5 planet kinda guy?
Michael Wyszomierski: perhaps you would be interested in your own solar system?
John Stowe: don't push your luck
Michael Wyszomierski: or maybe even a galaxy?
John Stowe: I can't afford a sun
7:45 PM
John Stowe: if I got a solar system, what would that get you?
John Stowe: a candy bar or something?
John Stowe: Auto-reply: Buy the new Vocal Chords CD: Vintage. It's good. Real good.
Michael Wyszomierski: i'd get a gift certificate for like 20 bucks

csvroomfondel: I'm glad to see you are shamelessly putting links to in your blog entries
Michael Wyszomierski: haha well hey i have your referral links as bookmarks in safari for both amazon and itunes
Michael Wyszomierski: i've probably given you a few bucks
10:25 PM
csvroomfondel: you did get me $10 for Tiger
Michael Wyszomierski: see
Michael Wyszomierski: i'm a good guy
Michael Wyszomierski: i'm surprised your IM didn't contain your referral link; i pulled that one on john earlier today and asked him to buy a solar system
csvroomfondel: haha
csvroomfondel: i thought about it, but decided it wasnt worth the trouble

Posted: Monday - May 30, 2005 at 07:29 PM