Very Plausible Story

Two John quotes in a row, from two different Johns!

eightman1984 (9:05:56 PM): plus it came with some sort of letter from apple making be feel special
eightman1984 (9:06:11 PM): *me
Skier Wysz (9:06:40 PM): haha what did it say
eightman1984 (9:07:03 PM): well, it seems to be thanking me that my computer they could justify employing people to repair it
Skier Wysz (9:07:33 PM): what?
eightman1984 (9:07:36 PM): yeah
eightman1984 (9:07:52 PM): its like thank you for choosing apple to repair your apple computer
Skier Wysz (9:08:07 PM): oh
eightman1984 (9:08:48 PM): but it lists steve jobs home and cell phone number, just in case anything goes wrong again, or you want to tell him what a fine job they did in repairing it

Posted: Wednesday - December 01, 2004 at 06:10 PM