Apple Store - Bethesda Row Grand Opening

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Skier Wysz (5:48:28 PM): yeah so i'm thinking about leaving soon (next hour or so) because i'm afraid that if i stick around any longer i might become productive
parec02 (5:49:04 PM): i just got back from a review sesion for tomorrow's exam. there's no way i can go to the opening
Skier Wysz (5:49:10 PM): ok
Skier Wysz (5:49:12 PM): but wow
Skier Wysz (5:49:18 PM): you went to a review session
Skier Wysz (5:49:23 PM): that's crazy
parec02 (5:49:41 PM): it was in hopes that the hour there would save me from 5 hours of "studying" on my own

Posted: Friday - December 10, 2004 at 02:59 PM