Ted is a Horrible Influence

What has he done to my typing?

anthonut (2:05:26 AM): hmm, so how did it compare to the incredibles, at least as an overall movie?
Skier Wysz (2:05:56 AM): well the incredibles wins with its story
Skier Wysz (2:06:19 AM): polar express was followed the holiday movie formula to the letter
Skier Wysz (2:06:34 AM): wow that's not reallly a sentence is it
anthonut (2:07:07 AM): i have no idea what it is, thankfully enough IMs with Ted have honed my deciphering skills.
Skier Wysz (2:07:38 AM): haha yeah if you can understand him you can understand someone typing with mittens on while drunk

Posted: Monday - November 29, 2004 at 06:34 AM