Trying to get things straight on Blake's blog


Skier Wysz (11:44:52 PM): wait frickb100 is whats her face right?
ShkenBlke2 (11:46:06 PM): no, thats bailey
Skier Wysz (11:46:20 PM): oh
Skier Wysz (11:46:36 PM): hmm but i thought i said bailey sounds like a girl's name, but it wasn't
Skier Wysz (11:46:59 PM): who was that?
ShkenBlke2 (11:47:00 PM): thats his last name
Skier Wysz (11:48:26 PM): oh oh ok, i get it. frickb100 is ___ bailey, who also happens to be a guy, which is funny, because you refer to him as bailey, which sounds like a girl's name.
ShkenBlke2 (11:50:32 PM): sure
ShkenBlke2 (11:50:33 PM): whatever
ShkenBlke2 (11:50:40 PM): would it help if i called him chris
Skier Wysz (11:50:52 PM): no, bailey is funnier
ShkenBlke2 (11:51:18 PM): ok
Skier Wysz (11:51:58 PM): besides, chris has too many other connotations, plus it can also be a girl's name, even spelled that way.

Posted: Wednesday - January 12, 2005 at 08:52 PM