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You'd think I'm making money off of this. But I'm not. I was rejected by their affiliate program, remember?

Update 9-23-05: I have now been accepted, and I'm going through all of my blog entries ever and updating the links.

Skier Wysz (9:41:10 AM): this "complete u2" album reminds me why i don't have one-click turned on in itunes
Stowington (9:41:20 AM): haha
Stowington (9:42:03 AM): are you afraid your mouse will arbitrarily decide to spend a bunch of your money for you?
Skier Wysz (9:42:31 AM): that or the fact that i do crazy things when tired
Skier Wysz (9:43:12 AM): and actually my mouse was clicking around earlier. not sure if it was the computer or the mouse, but something was clicking on stuff and it wasn't up to me
Stowington (9:43:39 AM): well we know it wasn't spyware
Stowington (9:43:43 AM): because you have a mac
Stowington (9:43:54 AM): or.... "ghostware"?
Skier Wysz (9:44:33 AM): ooooooooh i didn't consider ghostware
Skier Wysz (9:44:43 AM): maybe i should install virex
Skier Wysz (9:44:46 AM): i downloaded it
Stowington (9:46:37 AM): that's a pretty bold step
Skier Wysz (9:47:01 AM): yeah, i had it installed before, but then it decided to delete my inbox
Skier Wysz (9:47:12 AM): so, i figured i was better off without it
Stowington (9:48:01 AM): but now you're considering putting it back
Stowington (9:48:09 AM): maybe your mouse was just misbehaving
Skier Wysz (9:48:14 AM): yes, because of the ghostware scare
Skier Wysz (9:48:23 AM): hmm, it is a logitech, they're not known for doing that
Skier Wysz (9:48:35 AM): but i'm keeping a close eye on it
Skier Wysz (9:48:45 AM): i'm literally giving it looks as i type this
Skier Wysz (9:48:49 AM): so i feel kinda stupid
Stowington (9:48:59 AM): is it acting squirrelly
Stowington (9:49:07 AM): which would be odd for a mouse I suppose
Skier Wysz (9:49:10 AM): no, it's just sitting there

The Complete U2 (iTunes Required)
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Posted: Tuesday - November 23, 2004 at 06:53 AM