Apple quote.

Stowington (6:32:51 PM): I just received a phone call from Apple Computer, Inc. reminding me that I haven't signed up for AppleCare for my PowerBook
Skier Wysz (6:33:09 PM): oh cause your one year warranty is running out
Stowington (6:33:12 PM): rigth
Skier Wysz (6:33:20 PM): well are you gonna get it
Stowington (6:33:25 PM): no
Skier Wysz (6:33:31 PM): buy it w/edu discount how much is that
Stowington (6:33:31 PM): she was very nice about it though
Stowington (6:33:37 PM): um dunno
Skier Wysz (6:33:52 PM): i wish i had applecare on my display
Stowington (6:34:09 PM): yeah
Stowington (6:35:23 PM): "Nothing wrong with taking a few chances in life," she said

Posted: Monday - December 06, 2004 at 03:39 PM