Battle Boats

You heard it here first, folks.

Reneelet (11:09:50 AM): brendan, omar, and i were thinking about starting a business/realityn tv show in the inner harbor
Skier Wysz (11:10:02 AM): good luck
Reneelet (11:10:21 AM): you know how they have those little paddle boats?
Skier Wysz (11:10:26 AM): yes
Reneelet (11:10:52 AM): well, what do you think of BATTLE BOATS!!!
Reneelet (11:11:04 AM): its kind of like capture the flag
Reneelet (11:11:13 AM): with the flag being at the bottom of the harbor
Reneelet (11:11:33 AM): and if no one wins after 5 minutes, we shoot cannon balls out of the old ships in a sudden death round
Skier Wysz (11:11:47 AM): ummm that could be cool
Skier Wysz (11:11:54 AM): but paddleboats sound tiring
Reneelet (11:13:42 AM): well brendan decided they should all have jets on the back
Reneelet (11:13:56 AM): i thought that might open us up to a lot of liability issues
Skier Wysz (11:14:08 AM): and the cannon balls wouldn't?
Reneelet (11:15:31 AM): that was brendans idea too

Posted: Monday - January 31, 2005 at 08:17 AM