She REALLY Wanted To Be Quoted

And I'm a nice guy.

BuffyPrep5 (4:17:34 AM): you should take the french cinema class wysz
BuffyPrep5 (4:17:42 AM): you could understand french people better
Skier Wysz (4:17:54 AM): ugh it would be work
BuffyPrep5 (4:18:07 AM): youre lazy
Skier Wysz (4:18:11 AM): i never like classes involving work, except production classes
BuffyPrep5 (4:18:14 AM): as a film student you should study it
Skier Wysz (4:18:22 AM): you're so lazy you won't even use an apostrophe
BuffyPrep5 (4:18:31 AM): im using a french keyboard and i cant find it
BuffyPrep5 (4:18:40 AM): whats your excuse for no capitalization
BuffyPrep5 (4:19:18 AM): wysz i thought we were friends
Skier Wysz (4:19:37 AM): show me your last capitalization
BuffyPrep5 (4:20:06 AM): its a pain to use this keyboard
BuffyPrep5 (4:20:16 AM): switch your layout to french and then try to one up me
Skier Wysz (4:20:39 AM): i'm awesome
BuffyPrep5 (4:21:19 AM): what does that have anything to do with anything
Skier Wysz (4:21:58 AM): everything
Skier Wysz (4:22:04 AM): it has everything to do with everything
BuffyPrep5 (4:22:29 AM): you cant just say that and expect me to not be pissed at you
Skier Wysz (4:22:49 AM): you'd be surprised how well it works with just about everyone else

Posted: Wednesday - November 17, 2004 at 01:24 AM