Sorry 'bout the spam, Silly Name

HOTW is powerful stuff.

Stowington (10:18:36 PM): you should break the link on your blog to IM mohak
Stowington (10:18:40 PM): so she won't get spammed
Skier Wysz (10:18:46 PM): i just did
Skier Wysz (10:18:58 PM): why does she get spam and i dont
Skier Wysz (10:19:03 PM): that is not fair
Stowington (10:19:07 PM): hahaha
Skier Wysz (10:19:21 PM): i've had links to my name for years
Skier Wysz (10:20:48 PM): so, we have a few possiblities:
a. you don't get IM spam on a mac for some reason
b. she is doing something wrong.
c. i really do have that many readers, and those "spam" ims are actually messages sent by actual individuals in an attempt to prove my awesomeness
Stowington (10:20:49 PM): aww poor the
Stowington (10:21:32 PM): well my choice is a or c
Skier Wysz (10:22:35 PM): you HAVE to say that
Stowington (10:26:19 PM): actually that's my objective opinion
Stowington (10:26:25 PM): I HAVE to go with a

Posted: Tuesday - February 15, 2005 at 07:28 PM