502 Error: Awesome Overload

Las Vegas.

csvroomfondel (1:13:20 AM): i was getting a 502 error trying to visit your site yesterday
Skier Wysz (1:13:40 AM): they were doing maintenance on .mac
Skier Wysz (1:14:10 AM): they had to upgrade their servers to handle the incredible amount of traffic home of the wysz has been drawing
csvroomfondel (1:14:42 AM): how nice of them
Skier Wysz (1:14:55 AM): now they have an xserve dedicated to each individual blog entry
csvroomfondel (1:15:14 AM): that seems like a waste of power
Skier Wysz (1:15:38 AM): no, it is actually barely adequate
Skier Wysz (1:15:57 AM): they wanted to shut me down
Skier Wysz (1:16:03 AM): but steve is such a big fan
Skier Wysz (1:17:02 AM): man, drugs are awesome
csvroomfondel (1:17:18 AM): i'm a fan
csvroomfondel (1:17:25 AM): which one is your particular favorite?
Skier Wysz (1:17:54 AM): i don't know, i wasn't really planning on taking that joke any further than "man, drugs are awesome"

Posted: Monday - January 24, 2005 at 10:20 PM