Welcome back, Blake!

Easier THAN ironing.

ShkenBlke2 (1:51:18 AM): i just made a lot of updates on my blog
ShkenBlke2 (1:51:35 AM): its so much easier then ironing isnt it?
ShkenBlke2 (1:51:35 AM): plus i dont hav an iron

ShkenBlke2 (1:57:49 AM): make a film about a man who wins his weight in cheese
Skier Wysz (1:57:58 AM): hmmm
Skier Wysz (1:58:05 AM): you know you might just win this contest after all
ShkenBlke2 (1:58:12 AM): and all the crazy things things th@ happen 2 him on his magical journey to dairy product heaven

Posted: Sunday - September 12, 2004 at 11:00 PM