Nerd Humor

That's a lot of bytes!

Stowington (5:11:15 AM): ugh my hard drive did its little corrupty thing again
Skier Wysz (5:11:54 AM): get a new one
Skier Wysz (5:12:01 AM): we can go to the apple store
Stowington (5:12:07 AM): I have a spare waiting
Skier Wysz (5:12:09 AM): what is its SMART status
Stowington (5:12:21 AM): eh?
Skier Wysz (5:12:31 AM): in disk utility
Stowington (5:12:58 AM): whoa
Stowington (5:13:14 AM): it's listed as a 1.4 EB firewire drive
Skier Wysz (5:13:31 AM): what's an EB?
Stowington (5:13:44 AM): Total Capacity : 1.4 EB (1,580,121,300,875,100,000 Bytes)
Stowington (5:14:00 AM): Etabyte or something like that
Stowington (5:14:05 AM): it's big
Skier Wysz (5:14:23 AM): maybe you got a prototype that you're not supposed to have
Skier Wysz (5:14:40 AM): exabyte

Posted: Monday - January 10, 2005 at 02:16 AM